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Going by a senior government official, the technology sector is going to be $1 trillion opportunity in the next 5 to 7 years. You have around $400 billion of hardware, around $350 billion of IT, ITes and e-commerce and another US$250 billion of telecommunications and IoT. The sector also has the potential to contribute twenty to twenty-five per cent of the country’s GDP. Automotive electronics, photo-voltaic segment has seen tremendous interest. Indian business houses that have kept their investments away from electronics sector are now coming it in a big way.

As per Nasscom and McKinsey report, titled Perspective 2025: Shaping the Digital Revolution’, the industry is “well on track” to grow by US$ 225 billion by 2020 and further touch US$ 350 billion by 2025. Adding to it, the report says that the next US$ 100 billion would add around two million jobs in the sector. With such huge opportunity comes greater responsibility and challenges, for which Trans-Globe Advisors can be your ideal strategic partner, so as you can concentrate on your core competency while we take care of legal services, taxes and regulation, deals and other reforms and compliances.


March 28, 2018