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As per World Coal Association, an industry body comprising of coal producers and coal stakeholders, the worldwide mining of hard coal has been estimated at 6185 million tons till January 2015. The report also states that to cater the rising population, the increased usage of coal in generation of electricity will act as one of the major drivers for the growth of the global coal mining market. Rising demand for metallurgical coal from developing economies will further boost the coal mining market.

But above all doesn’t mean that there are any less challenges in the industry. The issues like geopolitical turmoil impacting economic decision-making, finance sourcing, rising costs vs. price volatility still haunt the industry. And thankfully Trans-Globe Advisors have been actively engaged in the industry for quite a long time to not just understand but help you strategically in scaling your business needs with our team of outstanding legal luminaries.


April 17, 2018