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Digitization, economic liberalization and evolving customer behavior has not just increased the demand for entertainment and media industry but also enticed global media companies to scale up their investments in India. Industry is thus in a constant pressure to not just outperform global leaders but also embrace technology advancements and comply with new regulatory norms at the same time. Even as broadband and the Internet become ubiquitous and the shift from traditional to digital media gains a foothold in even the least developed regions, new technologies, business models, and social media developments are introducing further shifts in both mature and developing markets.

And amidst of all this, Trans-Globe Advisors is right there by your side to help you strategize your project management, revenue recognition, or help you in any kind of legalities, financial forecasting & transformation, and M&A. We help you across the entertainment and media industry sectors including television, films, print, radio and digital. Our legal advisors have aced intellectual property disputes and risk management issues as well.


May 25, 2016