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With more than 740,000 schools and more than 230 million enrolments, the Indian education system is one of the largest and most complex in the world. The complexity of the system stems from India’s geographical challenges and the need to maintain standard and uniformity across the states. Policy paralysis and a dearth of a clear state of implementation, which is accompanied by an assignment of responsibilities in a diversified manner and without proper financial and organizational support, has added to some more confusions in the education system of India.

At Trans-Globe Advisors, we understand the need to create a responsive and approachable system, which works with masses, with better quality of education, utility and with better legal and financial assistance. Our core cross-functional team comprises of professionals from various fields including legal, accounting, consulting, strategic deals, governance and taxes which will help you analyze your problems in a more holistic and detailed manner and finally share a solution, which is best for you.


March 28, 2018